my ajax doesnt send sEcho to PHP

my ajax doesnt send sEcho to PHP

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Hi there,
at first i am very excited about using datatables and i find it as really great feature in my application. Problem is i cant make it work with my Symfony2 because i dont get sEcho parameter in the controller processing data. Could you tell me what i do wrong?

my ajax call:

           "processing": true,
           "serverSide": true,
           'ajax' : '{{path('my_action_route')}}',

For server-side I use the code dropped in some of forum threads:
It causes 500 cause of no sEcho in $_GET parameters. When i comment line:

"sEcho" => intval($get['sEcho']),

My table gets rendered but not working well - paging, searching, ordering doesnt work and table comes with all (4000 :P) results.
Have anybody had the same problem?

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