ColReorder + Scroller broken in IE8 (Server-side processing)

ColReorder + Scroller broken in IE8 (Server-side processing)

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Hi Alan,

First, as usual, I truly appreciate the work you put in on DataTables. It's a fantastic product!

I'm using the latest versions of DataTables(1.10.1), ColReorder(1.1.2), and Scroller(1.2.2). It works great everywhere except IE8. I should also mention that I'm using server side processing. In IE8, after you move a column, the Scroller functionality stops working. I was going to create a JS Fiddle, but JS Fiddle doesn't support IE8 :(

Could you point in the right direction on where I might need to make a fix?


Edit: Reverting to Scroller 1.2.1 seems to solve the problem. I couldn't figure out the breaking change by looking at a quick diff.

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