DataTables + Bootstrap using table-responsive?

DataTables + Bootstrap using table-responsive?

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Hi, i am using table-responsive from bootstrap ( ), so i write a "div" with class="table-responsive" superior to "table" and because of that i need DataTables insert the html in the level superior to that "div" because if it is inserted between "div" and "table" it will do something i dont like:,output (reduce window size horizontaly to see the problem)

Like you can see all the content is inside the box with horizontal scroll what is supposed to be only for table but because the way DataTables insert the html code it is inside, the correct way in my opinion is putting the code for search and navigation a level superior in this only case where table-responsive is used, so i would like to say to DateTables: "Hey, put it in a superior level plz".

If i can do it the result must be this:,output , in this example i put the code what will generate DataTables in the place i want so you can see what will be the result if this happens, like you can see now the table is the only one in the box with horizontal scroll.

In the end the question is: Can i tell DataTables put the code in a superior level for a table in particular?

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