30 cookies created, get server 400 error

30 cookies created, get server 400 error

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I have 15-20 different tables, using show/hide on a few. It is a data entry/storage application. During QA/test, I navigate around, adding/deleting, reloading tables, etc. At some point I get the server 400 error. In Firefox, I go delete the cookies (it seems to consistently happen when there are about 30 cookies), then it seems ok. Under IE8, finding/deleting the cookies more difficult. I tried, could NOT get it back, eventually resorted to reloading IE.

So mostly I just want to know if there are some issues with # of cookies or what features I might be using. I am NOT a seasoned web programmer, I am working inside another environment that is using JQuery, and we have the ability to create datatables. I wanted sorting and some other things and was directed to your site. Have implemented the bare minimum, but also our environment is something we will allow others to use. So I also need to document how to use datatables inside our environment, and if there are limitations/bugs, would just like to know.

I saw the other post about setting bStateSave to false, I will try that. But any assistance would be appreciated.



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    Have a look at this thread which discusses a similar topic: http://datatables.net/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=2269 . Try using the 1.7 beta if you aren't already. If you are, then if you could explain a little more about your set up as it's a bug...

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