Pager click event question

Pager click event question

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I want to launch an event when pages in the oager are clicked. I am using the examples shown in the documentation but I'm not having any success. I am using datatables 1.10.2. I'm niot getting any erros in the console but I'm not getting the simplest things to work such as alert('clicked') to launch when a page is clicked.

My code is as follows:

$(document).ready(function() { var table= $('#locations_datatable').dataTable({ "columns": [ { "name": "location" }, { "name": "value" }, { "name": "profile","orderable": false} ] ,"language": {"search": ""} ,"order": [[ 1, "desc" ]] ,"dom": 'frtp'}); table.on( 'page.dt', function () { //var info =; alert('hi'); } ); $('.dataTables_filter').addClass('input-append').addClass('pull-right'); $('').insertAfter('.dataTables_filter input'); } );

Any ideas?


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