Fixed columns with Child rows not working

Fixed columns with Child rows not working

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I am using child rows with fixed columns. For some reason, whenever I show the child row, it messes up my fixed column since they do not re-adjust. So instead of showing
child row

it shows

2 child row

And then the fixed column height stops, and the table keeps going.

This happens even when I do fnUpdate (although fnUpdate is breaking). Is this a known issue, or are these 2 even compatible?

I'll try and create a use case when I can figure out how to do it lol.


  • allanallan Posts: 62,272Questions: 1Answers: 10,212 Site admin

    Unfortunately, at this time FixedColumns is now compatible with child rows in DataTables since the table showing the fixed columns is separate from the main table (floating on top to make it look fixed).

    I have thought about this in the past, but to be honest I'm not at all sure how I would implement this.


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    same here. very much needed!

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