oTable.fnDeleteRow(nRow) ?? nRow is a string

oTable.fnDeleteRow(nRow) ?? nRow is a string

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I have a problem, I want to delete a row from the table with fnDeleteRow , but I don't have an id number, just string, can you please help me on how to deal with this ?


            <logic:iterate id="mdataenv" name="metadataEnvList">
                <tr  id='<bean:write name="mdataenv" property="interfaceEnvironment"/>'>
                    <td><bean:write name="mdataenv" property="interfaceEnvironment"/></td>
                    <td><bean:write name="mdataenv" property="disabled"/></td> 
                    <td><bean:write name="mdataenv" property="creatorId"/></td>                 
                     <td class="center"><ichtml:dtfmt vDate="${mdataenv.createdAt}"/></td>
                    <td><bean:write name="mdataenv" property="updaterId"/></td>
                     <td class="center"><ichtml:dtfmt vDate="${mdataenv.updatedAt}"/></td>
                      <td class="center">
                      <html:link href="JavaScript:void()" styleId="gglobal" styleClass="button delete" style="margin:10px;margin-right:30px;">Delete</html:link>

in JS :

  var nRow = $(this).parents('tr')[0];
            alert(nRow.id);   <------------------ ------------------------------- is a string

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    Check the documentation for row().remove(), when I test this using v1.10.4 the following works;

    $('#devices-table tbody').on('click', 'tr', function () {
    $('#delete-device-btn').click(function () {

    The above example stores the row.node() differently to the documentation, but the end result is the same.

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    Agreed - use the new API for 1.10. However, the code you have looks like it show work just fine - you are passing in the node (not the id string - that has no relevance). If it isn't working, please link to a test case, as required in the forum rules.


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