Cannot read property '_ColReorder_iOrigCol' of undefined

Cannot read property '_ColReorder_iOrigCol' of undefined

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I saw an answer to this posted in a now closed discussion. However that seemed to be in an earlier version of DataTables.

I am using DataTables 1.10.4 and ColReorder 1.1.2

And receiving the following error "Cannot read property '_ColReorder_iOrigCol' of undefined", this only happens when State Saving is enabled. If i turn off state saving the issue continues. I gave the nightlies of both Datatables and ColReorder a test and still getting the same issue.

My DataTables init code:


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    Are you able to link to a page that shows the problem please? That does look like it should work okay, but there is obviously something going wrong!

    Are you possibly changing the number of columns in the table?


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    I had the same problem (using DataTables 1.10.5 and ColReorder 1.1.2), but it was because I wasn't declaring correctly the default order option :

    Wrong :

    order: [1, 'asc'],

    Good :

    order: [[1, 'asc']],

    Your init code doesn't set this option but I thought it might help somebody else :)

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