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Update documentation

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The documentation for fnRender



- array:aData - the data for the row in question

Looking at this, one would expect the parameter to be a one dimensional array with indices corresponding to the columns. But to get to the column you want, you must use it like this:


Array index 0 has the data for the row (anything beyond that is undefined), and the column is indexed from it. This is counter-intuitive. Suggestion to either reword "the data for the row in question", show a usage example, or both. Bigger suggestion: refactor the API (it doesn't make any sense to pass around a two dimensional array with only the first dimension filled in with data)


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    Having a look at the code and my example, the aData parameter is in fact a 1D array, and not a 2D one. I'm not entirely sure how the above code works :-). I can see that it would if you used the oObj.oSettings.aoData array - but aData appears to be working as expected.

    I 110% agree with you that the arguments for this function completely suck. I totally regret the design decision originally made to do it that way, and I've not changed it as I don't want to break backwards compatibility with it. When DataTables 2 happens, then this will change!

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