Worked example for select box

Worked example for select box

GeorgeHelmkeGeorgeHelmke Posts: 44Questions: 16Answers: 0

Hi Allan,
I am at "close but no cigar" for implementation of a select box on a table with editor.
Hoping you have a worked example, with all necessary in terms of table def, editor def, and member functions assigned at document ready.

This is client-side, by the way, but if all you have is server-side, then show me that.

Sorry - it is in a bit of a hurry. Rushing to meet a deadline.



  • allanallan Posts: 56,837Questions: 1Answers: 9,035 Site admin

    Hi George,

    Are you able to give me a few more details of what you are looking for please? Specifically the select box, do you just want a select field in an Editor form? There is an example of that available here.


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