Collection with multiple selection

Collection with multiple selection

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I tried to found a solution to my problem but I didn't find anything in the forum or in the manual.
I never used a tabletools collection button so I'm a newbie for this topic.
In short I would like to give the possibility to select more choices at the same time.
Is it possible make this button with tabletools or I must create a new plugin?
Thanks a lot for the support and the framework.

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    Do you want to have multi-select on the table? Like this?

                        tableTools: {
                            "sRowSelect": "multi",
                            "aButtons": ["select_all", "select_none"]
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    no, I would like to create a collection like that

    $(document).ready( function () {
        $('#example').dataTable( {
            "sDom ": 'T<"clear ">lfrtip',
            "oTableTools ": {
                "aButtons ": [
                        "sExtends ":    "collection ",
                        "sButtonText ": "Save ",
                        "aButtons ":    [ "csv ", "xls ", "pdf " ]
        } );
    } );

    and give the possibility to choose csv AND xls.

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    You mean you don't want the collection list to close automatically when an item is selected? Or do you want to be able to save multiple files from a single click?

    Either way, an alteration would be required to the TableTools code. You wouldn't need to start again, and a plug-in button would do it. Have a look at how fnClick works for those buttons in the code if you do want to try it.


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