TableTools copy/csv/excel/pdf buttons not working ...

TableTools copy/csv/excel/pdf buttons not working ...

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I have a grails intranet application (so can't provide access to but could possibly supply stripped down project ? ..) which uses DataTables and TableTools .. I also use sbAdmin template ( .. My datatables render fine with paging and searching .. The table tools render BUT only the print works .. I've seen the conversations regarding the location of the swf file and I can see it being loaded when I load a table with the tools attached but nothing seems to happen when I push a button .. I'm using DataTables 1.10.7 , TableTools 2.2.4 .. Is there anything I can debug - I can't see any activity when a button is pushed .. Thanks


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    Well I got a little further and discovered a possible bug maybe ? The scenario i'm working with creates a number of datatables which are initially hidden . One is selected from a menu and is displayed .. The TableTools buttons are displayed but not active .. I tracked the problem to a function getDOMObjectPosition in dataTables.tableTools.js ..

    getDOMObjectPosition: function(obj) {
            // get absolute coordinates for dom element
            var info = {
                left: 0,
                top: 0,
                width: obj.width ? obj.width : obj.offsetWidth,
                height: obj.height ? obj.height : obj.offsetHeight

    It seems that if the dataTable is initially created in a hidden state then the obj.width is undefined so the offsetWidth is used and this is 0 .. The result is that the buttons are displayed BUT aren't active due to the generated swf buttons having 0 height and width - changing these manually in firebug enables the corresponding buttton and enables the button .

    <div style="position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; width: 0px; height: 0px; z-index: 99;"><embed id="ZeroClipboard_TableToolsMovie_1" src="../swf/copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf" loop="false" menu="false" quality="best" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="0" height="0" name="ZeroClipboard_TableToolsMovie_1" align="middle" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="false" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" flashvars="id=1&amp;width=0&amp;height=0" wmode="transparent"></div>

    Is this a bug ? Anyone suggest a workaround ? Thanks

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    If the table is hidden initially, then you need to call the fnResizeButtons method when it is made visible so the Flash movie can be made to fit the button area.


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    Works ! Thanks

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