Updated downloads page / nightly builds

Updated downloads page / nightly builds

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Hello all,

I've been doing some work on the build systems that I've got in place for DataTables, and one of this things I wanted to do is provide an easier way to get updates for DataTables and it's plug-ins. As such, I've updated the downloads page ( http://datatables.net/download ) to show information about DataTables and it's first class plug-ins, allow you to download the source, the "compiled" source and view release notes, for both the current releases and the nightly builds.

Obviously on production systems you'll want to use the stable release, but there might be times when you find an issue with a release which has been addressed already, or want to make use of a new feature. This makes it that bit easier :-).

Also to stay up-to-date, there is the DataTables release feed: http://datatables.net/rss.xml , where announcements about new releases are made.

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