Editor HTML5 'number'-field

Editor HTML5 'number'-field

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Just a simple HTML5 number Field.

Plugin Code:

_fieldTypes.number = {
    create: function ( conf ) {
        var that = this;
        conf._input = $( 
            '<input id="'+conf.id+'" name="'+conf.name+'" type="number" class="form-control">')[0];
        return conf._input;

    get: function ( conf ) {
        return $(conf._input).val();  //return the field value POST
    set: function ( conf, val ) {
        $(conf._input).val(val);  //set the field value

After you saved the Plugin Code you can simple use "number" as type.

label: 'Number'
name: 'numberfield',
type: 'number'


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    Another option is to use the attr option of the text field type to set the type property:

      name: "myfield",
      attr: {
        type: "number"

    I didn't set the fields.type property as it is text by default.


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    .. tzz thank you :) a lot easier!

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