Pagination problems in IE

Pagination problems in IE

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I've started using this for a intranet phone directory. I found a pagination discussion on how to get this to work in IE6 which helped and I took out some of the misc. css section as well as the conditional css as I am not using it and don't need it.

However, in IE7 and IE8 the pagination isn't working at all. All I get is a straight list of everyone at one. (180 entries)

So here's my jquery declaration. What am I missing here to get this to work right in IE7 and 8 (District mandated to use 7 much to my frustration)

$(document).ready(function() {
"sPaginationType": "full_numbers",
"sDom": '<"top"lif>rt<"bottom"p><"clear">'

It looks beautiful in FF, Safari, and Chrome.

So what am I messing up?



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    I'm going to add to this and say that in IE8, I used what it has for debugging tools and when I turned off the JS, it looked no different than when I had it enabled. So, either I'm making a tremendous error somewhere, or IE just isn't liking the JS.

    Don't get what I'm messing up here.
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    never mind. I found my problem. The issue was the script type. The coding was application/x-javascript and it should have been text/javascript.

    Something so easy......
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    Hi trdunsworth,

    Thanks for following this up and posting the fix to the problem. I didn't know that this could cause issues with IE, so a very useful piece of information there - thanks :-)

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