Responsive & child row dtr-index is not correct

Responsive & child row dtr-index is not correct

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So I understand Responsive 2.0 has changed greatly in the way it renders the columns with visible option or the class name. I have columns that are hidden by default but shown in certain circumstances, so I had previously set the class name to be 'never' and just remove the class name if the circumstances grants the column to be shown in the table. But why does responsive decrements the 'data-dtr-index' when using the class name 'never'?

This causes an issue when using Editor and inline edits because it will display the right columns in the child row but when you click on a cell in the child row, it will not try to edit the correct field because the index is incorrect.

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    Thanks for letting me know about this. I've just committed the fix and the nightly version of Responsive will be rebuilding with it just now. It will be included in v2.0.1.


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