DataTables 1.7.4 released

DataTables 1.7.4 released

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Hello all,

I'm very pleased to announce the latest release of DataTables - v1.7.4. This release includes a number of bug fixes in DataTables itself and general maintenance of the various support libraries, examples and packages. This release also includes the latest version of all first class plug-ins for DataTables, and the bundle includes the new ColReorder plug-in.

As always the download and release notes are here:

- Download:
- Release notes:

And finally, if you are using DataTables and find it useful, please do consider making a donation. These donations allow me to continue supporting and developing DataTables:



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    Thanks for your hard work!
  • jonasjonas Posts: 11Questions: 0Answers: 0
    Thanks Allan for your hard work ! And thanks for all the extra !
  • TiredJakeTiredJake Posts: 6Questions: 0Answers: 0
    Thank you for keeping a great product updated. I am unable to make a financial donation, but I did find a fix for KeyTables that I posted in the forum. I hope that will be helpful. Keep up the good work.
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