[newbie] is there way to do server side pagination

[newbie] is there way to do server side pagination

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My tables are going to have huge amounts of data. I do not want to query the DB for all the rows at once. Insted I would like a way such that every time user clicks 'next page' a certain amount of rows are brought back from server side and presented to the user.

Does dataTables plugin provide this capability? If so, Can someone shed some light on it?



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    Hi omnipresent,

    DataTables certainly does do this! This is the big new feature of DataTables 1.5 (currently in beta - but very solid), and you can see it in action here:

    This is referred to as server-side processing in DataTables (since all the processing and clever stuff is done on the server-side, and the client-side really is just an event handler).

    There is some documentation for how this works here:

    It's not yet fully documented on this site since it's still in beta (one of the reasons it is still in beta!), but that and the example should be able to get you going.

    Hope this helps,
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