restful datatables (feature)

restful datatables (feature)

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datatables is really kicking a**, but one feature is missing: restful datatables i.e. browser history awareness.
there exist already some plugins for jquery that enable such functions (like or

If this functionality could be integrated into datatables (call the history-methods everytime a sorting/filtering/paging is executed) and the state of the table can be access direct via url parameters, it would be really appreciated.

any comments on this? or has already someone tried to add such functionality?



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    Hi pane,

    While this specific application is not directly supported in DataTables, all of the information is available for a developer to do this. The state saving feature that DataTables has stores state information as a string in a cookie, and it would be possible to use the API functions to read this string and update an anchor url or whatever it is you want to use. Alternatively is the browser reinitialises the table on the back button hijack, then the state saving will set the table back to where it was before hand. Worth noting that the state saving updates on each draw (fnDrawCallback()).

    Hope this helps,
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