ASP.NET MVC ajax custom filter and paging

ASP.NET MVC ajax custom filter and paging

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I try to use Datatable in mvc application. I have a custom form to filter values, and load data into table by ajax.

serverSide: true,

            bFilter: false,
            "oLanguage": {
                "sUrl": "/Content/DataTables/languages/Russian.json"
            "ajax": function (data, callback, settings) {
                    url: "/Admin/Product/Products",
                    type: "POST",
                    data: $("#searchForm").serializeObject() + "&draw=" + data.draw + "&start=" + data.start + "&length=" + data.length


In controller i pass my viewmodel to filter values and paging info.
But draw always = 1, and my table didn't show any content. The json come to client, I can see it in fiddler, but table does not show anything.

public ActionResult Products(ProductSearchViewModel model, int draw, int start, int length){...}

${"draw":1,"iTotalRecords":1048,"iTotalDisplayRecords":10,"aaData":[["1","1001F","GoodWill","Воздушные","16","0,0008","0,87","False"],["2","1002F","GoodWill","Тормозные колодки","16","0,000928","1,505","False"],["3","1003F","GoodWill","Тормозные колодки","10","0,001716","1,595","True"],["4","1004F","GoodWill","Тормозные колодки","16","0,0008","1,88","True"],["5","1007F","GoodWill","Тормозные колодки","13","0,001804","2,46","True"],["6","1008F","GoodWill","Тормозные колодки","10","0,001716","1,6","True"],["7","1010F","GoodWill","Тормозные колодки","16","0,00096","1,63","True"],["8","1012F","GoodWill","Тормозные колодки","16","0,001494","0,023902","True"],["9","1013F","GoodWill","Тормозные колодки","16","0,0008","0,92","True"],["10","1013FX","GoodWill","Тормозные колодки","16","0,0008","0,93","True"]]}

And there is no javascript errors in Chrome console.
What shall I do to display data i table?


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    Can you paste your controller code please. This link might help :

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    edited May 2016

    I saw this link. As I said, I need to use my special model, and a special form for it. But if I create it, I cannot find paging data (draw, start and length) in request. I don't understand why need the controller code if the question is only how to post custom form and default paging info on server, but if you want here it is:
    public ActionResult Products(ProductSearchViewModel model, int draw, int start, int length)

            using (_unitOfWork = _factory.Create())
                var allProducts = _unitOfWork.ProductsRepository.GetProducts(model.CategoryID, model.BrandID, model.ProductStateID, null,
                    model.InPrice, model.Code).Select(ConvertUtils.Converter.Convert<RegularProductDomainModel, RegularProduct>).ToList();
                var products = allProducts.Skip(start*length).Take(length).ToList();
                var pi = typeof (RegularProductDomainModel).GetProperties();
                var list =
                        product =>
                            (from propertyInfo in pi
                                where !propertyInfo.Name.Equals("Price")
                                select propertyInfo.GetValue(product, null).ToString()).ToArray()).ToList();
                return Json(new
                    iTotalRecords = allProducts.Count(),
                    iTotalDisplayRecords = products.Count(),
                    aaData = list

    But in this case datatable does not load content.

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