Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_buttons' of undefined

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_buttons' of undefined

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The error that the chromes console command told me about:

c._buttons||(c._buttons=[]);c._buttons.push({inst:this,name:this.c.name});for(var c=0,g=e.length;c<g;c++)this.add(e[c]);b.on("destroy",function(){a.destroy()});d("body").on("keyup."+this.s.namespace,function(b){if(!n.activeElement||n.activeElement===n.body){var c=String.fromCharCode(b.keyCode).toLowerCase();a.s.listenKeys.toLowerCase().indexOf(c)!==-1&&a._keypress(c,b)}})},_addKey:function(a){a.key&&(this.s.listenKeys+=d.isPlainObject(a.key)?a.key.key:

It was found on line 222 of datatables.min.js.

My situtation is that 1 of my pages works perfectly fine and on another one it doesn't.

What is the cause of this?

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    I'd need a link to the page showing the issue to be able to debug it. I don't know anything about how the DataTable has been configured, so I can't really say what would cause that I'm afraid. Can you show me the initialisation code if nothing else?


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    Hi allan,
    sorry for a late reaction, after looking around carefully I found out I just had my build a bit wrong! Thank you for the quick reply though

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