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Just love your plugin.

I tried to incorporate a series of boxes to replace the inputs text box for the filtering part, however with the tables paged, i can't seems to grab the values (using DOM) of the 2nd page and so on of the table where i suppose is set to hidden. Can you guys shed some light?

Thanks a million!



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    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for your kind words - much appreciated! What you can do to get DOM information once the table has initialised is to use fnGetNodes() - . The reason for this is, as you rightly say, DataTables has hidden (removed) some information from the DOM for the table display. This can be put into a jQuery selector and you can then get the second td. I think this will do what you are looking for: var anTds = $('td:eq(1)', oTable.fnGetNodes()); - but I haven't actually tested it!

    The alternative is to do your initialisation before you initialise DataTables.

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