TableTools works great!

TableTools works great!

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I just upgraded to DataTables 1.5beta9 and tried TableTools. It works great!!

Exporting to CSV and XLS work well, and the printing is nice. I'm still experimenting with the formatting of the print jobs, but overall it looks and functions great. FYI, I was using a lot of DataTable options for formatting and such and adding TableTools didn't mess any of them up.

- For XML and CSV it would be nice to be able to "open" or "save". Right now it seems I can only save and don't have a choice to open without saving first.
- Docs: Maybe a basic readme that shows you need to edit 'sSwfPath' in TableTools.js for it to work.
- Where did you get the icons from? I really like them and I'm wondering if I can use them in other spots of my app.

Thanks again for the great work!


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    Hi cu8164kp,

    Great stuff - good to hear that TableTools is useful!

    Regarding your specific points:

    1. I completely agree - this would be very nice to have, but I don't see an option anywhere in Flash 10 for this. This is covered by the discussion in this thread: . Basically I think it could be done by sending the data to a server=side script with replies with the required HTTP headers - but I had wanted TableTools to be client-side only (with the possibility of extending it later) to make installation easier.

    2. Sounds good to me - I'll include that in the next release.

    3. The icons are based on ones made available by Smashing Magazine ( ) with a few little customisations as needed.

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    Thanks a ton! I've already downloaded the icons, makes for a nice consistent look and feel.
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