'dataTables_paginate' and 'dataTables_info' elements

'dataTables_paginate' and 'dataTables_info' elements

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First off... this is a great tool that you have created. Thanks for sharing, your time and the support!

Hopefully I can explain this well. When using search and pagination, as data is entered into the search field (more apparent is when data is removed using the backspace key), it appears that the 'dataTables_info' element is hidden as soon as there is a change event. Once the table is then resized, the element reappears in its proper location. That does not appear to be the case with the 'dataTables_paginate' element.

For example, I am viewing 15 entries. I enter '1234' in the search field and am left with six entries. As I press the backspace key when focused in the search field, 'dataTables_info' is hidden, the table expands and appears behind the 'dataTables_paginate' element, and then the 'dataTables_paginate' element moves down to its proper position at the bottom of the table data and beside the newly shown 'dataTables_info' element.

I started looking into this, but figured you might be able to give me a good head start. I am developing with FF 3.5.




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    Hi Colin,

    Interesting one! It sounds like a CSS issue to me, but I can't be 100% certain. Do you have a link you can provide? I can't see this behaviour in my own demos - does it occur for you: http://datatables.net/examples/example_zero_config.html ?

    I'd suggest looking at the info element in Firebug, and altering it's width, which might well be the thing which is causing the issue if you have a narrow table (again speculation :-) ).

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