_fnSaveState errors

_fnSaveState errors

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i just set bStateSave : true and got an error when the cookie was read. i changed lines 3048 and 3049:
sValue += '"sFilterEsc": "'+oSettings.oPreviousSearch.bEscapeRegex;
sValue += '"aaSorting": [ ';

sValue += '"sFilterEsc": '+oSettings.oPreviousSearch.bEscapeRegex; // remove last double quote
sValue += ',"aaSorting": [ '; // add comma

works ok. thanks for all your work.


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    Hi db,

    Argh... Sorry about this - and thanks for spotting it (and even more so for letting me know). I've just released 1.4.2 which fixes this error (and two other minor things) - but this is critical enough to prompt a quick release.

    I'm currently working on a unit testing framework to stop things like this getting through in future - just need the time... :-)

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