fnGetData() not behaving as expected

fnGetData() not behaving as expected

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Hi Allan, me again.

From the docs, I imagined that fnGetData() would return the underlying data for a table, not the rendered results.

However, the following code, with 1.5.0 beta 8, spits out the rendered HTML (span, style et al), rather than just the word 'red', which is what I had expected.




$(document).ready(function() {
dt = $('#dt').dataTable({
colour = obj.aData[obj.iDataColumn];
return "" + colour + "";


Known issue? Misunderstanding on my part? A way to get around it? (without having to reverse the rendering tranformation!)

Many thanks


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    Actually I should add that I think I'm using 1.5b9 (even though the text in the header still says beta 8) - the header in the min file and code/distribution may be slightly out of sync.
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    By stepping through the code I think I answered this myself...


    ...ensures the underlying data is returned from the fnGetData() function.

    Might be worth mentioning that in the docs. But I'm happy :-)
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    Hi James,

    Yes indeed you are correct - bUseRendered is the thing you are looking for here. In this way you can select if you want the raw data or the rendered data - something for everyone :-)

    The reason it isn't documented yet is that this is in DataTables 1.5 only - and since this is currently in beta the documents refer to the current "stable" release of 1.4 (actually 1.5 beta 9 is probably more stable than 1.4.3 in all honestly - but there are a few things I want to do before removing the beta tag...).

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