Export multiple rows in footer?

Export multiple rows in footer?

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Thirst of all, this is a great plugin. I'm been using this plugin a while now. I have a new project I'm working on with have the need to add some totals at the end of a table and I use tfoot to include the totals in the footer, like is shown in the footer. The problem is that when I export the table to any format: copy, csv, excel, pdf or print it only exports the first row of the footer like the second picture shows. Does anybody nows a workaround for this because I'd tried diferent ways but none seams to work fine. Thanks in advance

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    Currently this isn't possible with Buttons I'm afraid - it will only export the first row in the footer. You might be able to use the customize method of the button type you are using to add that data to the exported file but it would require some custom code for each I'm afraid (Excel and PDF would the be trickiest since you would need to modify those documents directly).


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    Thanks Allan y Manage to put all the data in the same row to print it in the documents.

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