aaSorting returning extra element?

aaSorting returning extra element?

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I am trying to refer to the aaSorting array as such:

// get current sorting
var currentSort = oTable.fnSettings().aaSorting;

as i loop through the array, which at first contains only one element, I would expect to get back


however, I am receiving


any ideas?


  • allanallan Posts: 62,377Questions: 1Answers: 10,234 Site admin
    This is intentional. The 1 indicates to DataTables where in the array of sorting options (asSorting) the current sort is. For example you could specify [ 'asc', 'desc', 'asc' ] for asSorting - that would mean the order would be:

    click 1: asc
    click 2: desc
    click 3: asc
    click 4: asc
    click 5: desc

    Obviously you typically wouldn't want to do that - but it's an option in DataTables :-)

    Another example where it is useful is if you have asSorting [ 'asc', 'desc' ] on the first column, but specify the default sorting as 'desc'.

    So something that is required internally - if you have a look at the initialisation code, you can see where DataTables will add this to the array.

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