Limit drop target

Limit drop target

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Is it possible to limit the drop area of specific rows?

For example I have groups of rows and I would like to setup row reordering to allow these rows to be reorderable inside their group only. So if rows 1-3 are in Group A and rows 4-8 are in Group B, I want to prevent the user from being able to drag row #5 into positions 1-3 and vice versa.

I thought maybe I could accomplish this using events but I didn't see an event for mid-drag, only after the drag was completed which seems like it would be very difficult(and not very intuitive for the user) to try and force the boundary there.

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    I'm sorry to say that there isn't a way to do that with RowReorder. Are you using a method like this for the row grouping?


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    Yes that is right, I'm using a hidden column which is actually a bit more complex than just one field so I'm using a custom data function to return/set the correct data. Everything works great except there is no easy way to re-order the group.

    Thanks for letting me know that this isn't possible using RowReorder. I'll look into other solutions for re-ordering, thanks! :)

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