QueryBuilder with DataTables

QueryBuilder with DataTables

mtrayn01mtrayn01 Posts: 12Questions: 3Answers: 0

Has anybody implemented jQuery QueryBuilder with DataTables as a way to build complex filters against the table data?

I'm trying to add a query builder option into my JSON sourced DataTable and am looking for examples I can use as a template on how to do it.


  • ConnorPConnorP Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    I know this is an older post, but I am looking to do the same and have not been able to find anything online. Have you had any success trying to implement query builder thus far?

  • allanallan Posts: 45,704Questions: 1Answers: 6,274 Site admin

    For anyone else like me that didn't know about Query Buidler - this is the link.

    As far as I am aware, there is no such integration at the moment. It would have to be done using a custom search plug-in.

    I've actually worked on something similar for DataTables in the past, but its a bit of a mess at the moment. i need to see if I can get the code cleaned up and published.


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