aLengthMenu doesn't work

aLengthMenu doesn't work

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Good morning, guys.

I'm working with dataTables for the second time, but I can't seem to get aLengthMenu to work.
In the system I develop dataTables catches the data via an html table. Here's an example, not the actual system:

and here's a link to the code:

As you can see, I set aLengthMenu with [10,15,20], but it seems to ignore it. The dataTable displays the default values, I guess: 10,25,50,100.

I also have a trouble with dynamically resizing the main div, not in the example though, when I change the number of elements I want to display. According to the option, the main div overflows to the footer div, and half the table "inherits" the bgcolor of the footer. Any tips?

Thank you very much in advance!


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    I two am having this problem. Anyone else?
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    I found that upgrading to the latest version of dataTables solved this issue for me.

    On a side off-topic note: If anyone using Selenium + dataTables is having trouble writing tests for data filtering, I suggest you upgrade your selenium driver version. Looks like in 2.0 the typeKeys issue is pretty much solved.
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    aLengthMenu was introduced in DataTables 1.7. Anything before that will just ignore the parameter. If this is still failing for you, t2_support, if you could give us a link to an example that would be very useful.

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