Column width not working

Column width not working

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Hi I have read the other posts in the forum. Did not find solution.

<--!  Datatables spezific files:-->
    <link href="~/datatables/dataTables.bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
    <script src="~/datatables/jquery.dataTables.min.js"></script>
    <script src="~/datatables/dataTables.bootstrap.min.js"></script>*

<div id="datatablestest" style="width: 460px;margin: 0 auto;">
    <table id="datatableresult" class="table table-condensed table-striped table-bordered  table-hover" cellspacing="0">       
var daTable = $('#datatableresult').DataTable({
    "ajax": {
        "url": daUrl,
        "dataSrc": ''
    "autoWidth" : false,
    "columns": [
        { data: "JourID", title: "JourID", width: '50px'},
        { data: "JourTime", title: "JourTime", width: '50px'},
        { data: "Zust1", title: "Zust1", width: '30px'},
        { data: "Dokname", title: "Dokname", width: '100px'},
        { data: "Doktype", title: "Doktype", width: '100px'},
        { data: "JourInhaltTextOnly", title: "JourInhaltTextOnly", width:'550px'},

    "paging": false,
    "scrollY": 400,
    "scrollX": true,

Has no effect at all.
DataTables makes column width that have nothing to do with the set options.
Am I misunderstanding completely, how this works ?
Thanks for Info
Cheers, Michael

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  • michaelkaldeckmichaelkaldeck Posts: 11Questions: 4Answers: 0

    Hi all
    the only solution i found was in setting the th width AFTER generating the grid like $('thead > tr> th:nth-child(6)').css({ 'min-width': '550px', 'max-width': '550px' });.

    So the question remains, what the functionality of the width: '100px' in the colums / columndefs is. talks of small deviations. But in my example (column with large wrapping text) it is completely different.
    Thanks for clarifiying .
    Regards Michael

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    The div containing your table has a width of 460px, but your column widths total roughly twice that. I don't understand why you're doing that.

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    it is typical for a situation I often have. Even with a 960 body I might have 7 - 12 cols, some quite large because they must not be wrapped (like long UNC path), and some texcols with much text wrapped but rel. wide for legibility. And I must be able to scroll horiz.

    And basically the question remains, what the width options in the def of a colum means.

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    I created a quick test case essentially copying what you have and it looks ok to me:

    It was handy that your table has the same number of columns as the built-in JS BIN table :smile:

    It uses bootstrap 3.3.7, your div and table config and your Datatables config. I have autowidth: false commented because it seems to be causing a problem with the column layout.

    Please update as needed to recreate your problem.


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    Hi Kevin
    Thanks a lot for looking into it.

    I changed my test, so I get the data from an already existing HTHL Table, as in your test on

    Then the column width are generated correctly.

    If I have the data coming from a json array, as in my original example, the problem remains: column width in DataTables generated html differ considerable from columwidth in option.

    So in this case the problem remains. Or I am doing something completely wrong.

    Thanks anyway

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    Answer ✓

    And basically the question remains, what the width options in the def of a colum means.

    The way the column widths work in DataTables is that DataTables will create a "worst case" table when it is initialised (and if columns.adjust() is called). The worst case table takes the longest string from each column and puts them all on a single row - so the table (which is hidden btw) has the header, a single body row with all the longest strings and the footer. The widths given are then applied to that table and the actual widths are read back from it.

    It does this to try and avoid column widths jumping when paging through the table.

    In short, the widths you give are used, but if the table's content doesn't fit into them, or they don't add up correctly, the browser and DataTables will overrule you and use the widths only as a guide.

    If you absolutely want pixel perfect control over the widths you need to use table-layout: fixed; in your CSS.

    Also, don't disable the autoWidth option, particularly when scrolling. The browser can do all sorts of odd then then, such as that which you are seeing.


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    I was able to use max-width to force a column to be a certain width.

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    I would tend to think that with a horizontal scroll enabled the given col width should override the calculated widths?

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    It appears that in v1.10.20 there is no such property as table-layout.

  • colincolin Posts: 9,780Questions: 0Answers: 1,619

    There's no change with table-layout, it's the same 1.10.20.


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    I tried all solutions I could find on the web. Nothing worked.
    What did work for me was to wrap my data in the column definition in an html object and then to limit the width of that by using a class

    data: 'pageUrl',
    title: 'Page URL',
    render: function (data) {
    return '<label class="limit-width">' + data + '</label>';

    .limit-width {
    max-width: 700px;
    word-wrap: break-word;

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    Set width not work

    there is my code

    if ($.fn.DataTable.isDataTable('#example')) {
    $("#example tbody").empty();
    }* *

    table = $('#example').DataTable({
    ajax: {
    "url": domain + '/api/GetAllLocationInfoDetail',
    "type": "GET",
    "dataSrc": "",
    //autoWidth: true,
    autoWidth: true,
    //Paginate: false,
    deferRender: true,
    scrollY: 700,
    scrollX: true,
    //sScrollX: "100%",
    "sScrollXInner": "150%",
    scrollCollapse: true,
    paging: true,
    lengthMenu: [[10, 25, 50, -1], [10, 25, 50, "All"]],
    pageLength: 25,
    stateSave: true,
    processing: true,
    //bLengthChange: false,
    'sPaginationType': 'ellipses',
    fixedColumns: {
    leftColumns: 3
    language: {
    "url": "",
    "processing": "処理中...",
    "lengthMenu": "MENU 件表示",
    "zeroRecords": "データはありません。",
    "info": " TOTAL 件中 START から END まで表示",
    "infoEmpty": " 0 件中 0 から 0 まで表示",
    "infoFiltered": "(全 MAX 件より抽出)",
    "infoPostFix": "",
    "search": "部分検索:",
    "url": "",
    "paginate": {
    "first": "先頭",
    "previous": "前",
    "next": "次",
    "last": "最終"
    select: {
    rows: {
    _: "%d行選択しました",
    0: "",
    1: "1行選択しました"
    dom: '<"top"lf>irpt<"bottom"B>',
    buttons: [
    extend: 'excelHtml5',
    text: 'Excel出力',
    footer: true,
    filename: '360°Viewer-保管場所マスタ',
    exportOptions: {
    //columns: ':visible:not(:eq(0))'
    columns: "thead th:not(.noExport)"
    extend: 'cexcelImport',
    text: 'Excel取込'
    extend: 'colvis',
    text: '表示列選択'
    extend: 'cupdate',
    text: '登録'
    extend: 'cdelete',
    text: '削除'
    initComplete: function () {

                var api = this.api();
                $(this).on('click', "i.fa.fa-plus-square", function (e) {
                    var currentPage =;
                    var data = JSON.parse(text);
                    //move added row to desired index (here the row we clicked on)
                    var index = api.row(this).index(),
                        rowCount = - 1,
                        insertedRow = api.row(rowCount).data(),
                    insertedRow["Id"] = "DT_RowId" + rowCount;
                    for (var i = rowCount; i > index + 1; i--) {
                        tempRow = api.row(i - 1).data();
                        api.row(i - 1).data(insertedRow);
                    //refresh the page
                $(this).on('change', "select.team_ddl", function (e, d) {
                    var sel = $(this)[0],
                        index = $(this).parent().parent()[0].rowIndex - 1,
                        opt = sel.options[sel.selectedIndex];
                    api.cell(index, 11).data(opt.value).draw();
                    api.cell(index, 12).data(opt.text).draw();
            aoColumns  : [
                //{ data: 'check', defaultContent: '' },
                { data: 'Id', "sWidth": "300px" },
                    "data": null, "sortable": false,
                     "sWidth": "300px",
                    render: function (data, type, row, meta) {
                        return data.Id;
            { data: 'ORGANIZATION_ID', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LOCATION_ID', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LOCATION_B', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LOCATION_F', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LOCATION_A', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'STORE_TYPE', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'DESCRIPTION', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LOCATION_TYPE', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LOCATION_TYPE', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LOCATION_TYPE_NAME', "sWidth": "300px" },
            { data: 'LOCATION_X', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LOCATION_Y', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LOCATION_Z', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'COLOR_R', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'COLOR_G', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'COLOR_B', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LEADER_POS_TOP', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'DIFF_X_TOP', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'DIFF_Y_TOP', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'DIFF_Z_TOP', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LEADER_BREAK_TOP', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LEADER_POS_360', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'DIFF_X_360', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'DIFF_Y_360', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'DIFF_Z_360', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LEADER_BREAK_360', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'SHELVES_COUNT', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'CAMERA_ANGLE', "sWidth": "300px" },
            { data: 'CREATE_ID', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'UPDATE_ID', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'CREATE_DATE', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'UPDATE_DATE', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'DATA_STATUS', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LABEL_DEFAULT_POS_X', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LABEL_DEFAULT_POS_Y', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LABEL_DEFAULT_POS_Z', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LABEL_AXIS_Y', "sWidth": "300px"},
            { data: 'LABEL_ANGLE', "sWidth": "300px"}
            columnDefs: [
                    'targets': 0,
                    "orderable": false,
                    "sortable": false,
                    'checkboxes': {
                        'selectRow': true
                    targets: 1,
                    type: "dom-text",
                    "searchable": false,
                    "orderable": false,
                    "className": "dt-center",
                    render: function (data, type, row, meta) {
                        return "<i class=\"fa fa-plus-square\" aria-hidden=\"true\"></i>";
                    targets: 10,
                    "searchable": false,
                    "sortable": false,
                    render: function (data) { return createSelect(data); }
                    targets: 11,
                    visible: false
                    targets: 12,
                    visible: false
                //{ "width": "100px", "targets": [0] }
            select: {
                'style': 'multi+shift',
                'selector': 'td:first-child',
                "blurable": false,
                info: false
            order: [[3, 'asc'], [4, 'asc']],
            "fnRowCallback": function (nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex) {
                var info = $(this).DataTable();
                $("td:nth-child(3)", nRow).html(info.start + iDisplayIndex + 1);
                return nRow;

    I have tried some adviced, like turn off autoWidth, set num% width ,use table-layout: fixed ,set static css into table , nothing work
    help me plese!

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    @systemsNatu You created a new thread here, please don't duplicate posts.

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