TableTools 2.0.1 now available

TableTools 2.0.1 now available

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Hello all,

I'm really pleased to be able to release TableTools 2.0.1. Although a minor version number, this release includes a couple of great new features and a number of important bug fixes.

New features include the ability to customise the selection class used for the row selecting options in TableTools, the ability to customise saved PDFs a bit more (title, message, page size and orientation. There is also a new API method (fnResizeButtons and it's companion fnResizeRequired) which will resize Flash buttons if needed (for example if initialised in a hidden element - i.e. a tab). Finally for the new features there is 'bSelectedOnly' for the copy, and save buttons which allows the output to be limited to only selected rows if set to true.

The new parameters and methods introduced are:

Initialisation option: sSelectedClass -
Button option: bSelectedOnly -
Button option: sPdfOrientation -
Button option: sPdfMessage -
Button option: sPdfSize -
API function: fnResizeButtons -
API function: fnResizeRequired -

In terms of bug fixes, there are two important fixes: firstly collections could suffer from not being able to save a file more than once in IE, the second fix addresses the use of save buttons in collections which could under certain circumstances cause some browsers to freeze.



Full documentation:

As always, if you enjoy using TableTools / DataTables please consider making a donation - these donations allow me to continue developing and supporting this software :-) -



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    Fantastic, it would be also nice to edit the title, not only the subtitle of the pdf files.
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    It's awesome,
    thanks very much allan
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    @Allan Thx you very much. How could I miss this point? :-D
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