Responsive extension and table-layout: fixed don't like each other

Responsive extension and table-layout: fixed don't like each other

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First of all, neat library! Thanks!

I came across some strange behaviour when using the Responsive extension along with table-layout: fixed - the last columns in my table act very glitchy. Some aren't displayed, they don't have proper widths, and when I resize the window, some columns disappear and other show up.

Here's a demo:

I'm using table-layout: fixed to make sure column widths are retained (I need that for pages that have multiple tables - I want the columns in each of them to be of same width), and the responsive extension to get those sweet expandable rows.


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    To be honest I'm not too surprised that it doesn't play nicely with table-layout: fixed as that isn't something that I've tested with Responsive I'm afraid.

    Having said that, all of your columns are 20% width, so the browser should always be attempting to render them as 1/5 of the width of the table regardless of the width of the table. In such a case the table should never enter responsive mode (that it does appears to be a bug).

    A min-width in addition to the relative width would probably be more useful.


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