Editor - Subset of Table

Editor - Subset of Table

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Hi Everyone

Is it possible to edit just a sub-set of a data table. e.g. i have a editor and table setup to edit questions in a table. However I need to edit the questions in chunks - i.e. via "Section" (1,2,3,4, etc).

If there a way of telling the datatable and Editor to only display and edit "Where Section = 2" ? I was thinking of using a drop-list above the table to select the appropriate section.

Thank you in advance for any help given.

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  • tangerinetangerine Posts: 2,084Questions: 14Answers: 230
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    You could use a "where" clause in your server-side code.

  • allanallan Posts: 46,564Questions: 1Answers: 6,501 Site admin
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    Documentation for that is available here if you are using the PHP or .NET libraries for Editor:


  • ShaneBrennanShaneBrennan Posts: 26Questions: 8Answers: 1

    Thank you Allan and Tangerine.

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