Table navigation with arrow keys?

Table navigation with arrow keys?

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Is there a way to navigate the table with the up/down keys after doing a search?
So the user does not have to grab the mouse and click on the table to select an entry.

FYI: my table is in a modal window.

FYI2: I have an "onclick" event that i need in the table row of the entry:



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    You'd need to bind an event listener to the search box and have it listen for the key you want to move focus to the table (down in this case). KeyTable will let you navigate through the table, but not the table elements.

    Having said that, I would urge caution. Down is used is most platforms other than Windows to jump to the end of the line of text - useful if you click in the middle of the search term. It might be worth considering using the tab key, which KeyTable will work with automatically.


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