fnRender parsed Object

fnRender parsed Object

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I noticed that the object that is passed to a custom render function is not as described in the documentation.
The doc uses oObj.aData[ oObj.iDataRow ][0] to get the value of first column in, i assume, current row.
But in my case (1.4.2) I think the oObj is not multidemensional and already only contains the current row.
So I use oObj.aData[0] to get the value of the current row and first column.


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    Hi easymind,

    Could you confirm for me that this error is on the example page ( http://datatables.net/examples/example_column_render.html ) rather than anywhere else. That page was indeed wrong and I have now corrected it.

    The usage page is showing the correct information for me (a single array): http://datatables.net/usage#fnRender

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    Yep, sry. I meant example page. Gotta love examples.
    But should have seen the docs where good.
    Take care.
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