Locking out other users while editing a row

Locking out other users while editing a row

multifamilydirectmultifamilydirect Posts: 1Questions: 1Answers: 0

I was wondering is there is an easy was to lock out other users when a row is being edited? There is a post about this from 2013 saying that it might be included in future versions? Was this ever implemented?


  • allanallan Posts: 47,740Questions: 1Answers: 6,824 Site admin

    Not built in to Editor. It is still something that is on the drawing board as a possible future enhancement, but I've been working on other aspects.

    What you would need to do is send an Ajax request to the server to say "can I edit this", if yes, then a lock (with a timeout) should be put on the row, otherwise an error should be returned.

    It would require a bit of custom code I'm afraid, since, as I say, Editor doesn't provide this out of the box.


  • ngungongungo Posts: 64Questions: 23Answers: 2

    Nothing to contribute.
    Just wish to have this feature. :)


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