Disable Built-In Fill Plug-In

Disable Built-In Fill Plug-In

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Is it possible to disable built-in Fill plugins for the AutoFill extension? In my use-case scenario there is never a need for incrementing numbers. I'd like users to be able to quickly fill numerical values without getting the popup to choose the fill method each time.

Workaround (Almost)
I can hide the AutoFill dialog with css and manually trigger the click event on the fill method I want, but there isn't an event on AutoFill that fires after the dialog is shown for me to know when to perform this trickery. Definitely not a desired solution, regardless. :-)

Side Notes
It would also be really handy to have an option to lock filling behavior to purely vertical or horizontal (similar to Excel behavior) so that users can't fill both directions at once. This would circumvent the popup for instances when horizontal vs vertical fill methods had to be chosen from. Obviously it limits functionality, but for use cases where it's not needed it would be handy.

If the KeyTable extension had the ability to focus multiple cells in a single row or in a single column (perhaps with Ctrl+Click) then vertical and horizontal filling could be controlled based upon the type of selection and also avoid the need to choose the fill method.

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    I found a good solution. Posting it here in case this helps anyone else.

    delete $.fn.dataTable.AutoFill.actions.increment;
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    Perfect - thanks for posting back with your solution.


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