sorting on a number of fields isn't working

sorting on a number of fields isn't working

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I'm having a problem with sorting on two fields in the linked files.

1) The release field contains data which contains two periods. Could this be causing a problem? Sorting outright breaks on it.
2) The date field seems to be sorting a bit oddly.

While the attached html may not validate due to mozilla's "Save page" function the same problems exists on the validating original.

Thanks for working on DataTables, it's really cool.



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    I just realised this should probably be in the bugs category. Apologies. I didn't see that until now.
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    Hi Dave,

    I can't get your HTML to actually run (probably the "save as" as you say), however I believe I can answer your two points:

    1. DataTables will probably pick this up as a number unfortunately at the moment (I'll put a fix in for this in the next release). But perhaps what you could do, to get it sorting correctly (i.e. not a string - you could just set sType ="string" for that), is use a sorting plug-in which replaces the periods with nothing and the casts the result as a number.

    2. The date field requires Javascripts Date().parse() to be able to parse the string. If it can't then it won't use it as a date. So you need to make sure that your date formatting conforms to that. Otherwise, again, it's a case of using a custom sorting plug-in.

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    Hey Allan
    Thanks for your response. I'll have a look into the second point and will see what I can come up with. For me the first point can wait until the next release as there's not a lot of time left for this project here.

    Thanks again for your effort.

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