Click on table and redirect page

Click on table and redirect page

jcontrerasjcontreras Posts: 3Questions: 1Answers: 0

Hello all ,
I need to make a click on the row in the table and redirect other page, (this page will contain features or detail of the row).

its posible ??


  • tangerinetangerine Posts: 2,179Questions: 16Answers: 240

    Firstly, you might want to look at the master/detail for showing further information:

    Secondly, displaying an url in a table cell is covered in the columns.render documentation.

  • allanallan Posts: 48,482Questions: 1Answers: 7,023 Site admin

    And finally, if you want to click anywhere on the row to do a redirect, do it in exactly the same way you would without DataTables - have a jQuery event handler that you subscribe to the click event for the table rows and then have that handler do the page redirect.


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