DataTables 1.8 beta 1 released

DataTables 1.8 beta 1 released

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Hello all,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of DataTables 1.8 beta 1! This release builds upon the previous versions of DataTables, adding functionality that you, the developers using DataTables, will hopefully find very useful! A good deal of work has gone into ensuring that this release of DataTables remains as backwards compatible as possible with the previous versions - so it should be a drop in replacement for DataTables 1.7.

What's new:
Upgrade notes:
Package download:

So a quick summary of some of the major new features:

Probably the biggest new feature in 1.8 is the ability to use any JSON object as a data source. Previously DataTables required a 2D array of data (this is still perfectly valid and the default operation) when using anything but the DOM as a data source, but now it is possible to give DataTables complex objects and have it use them. This is the subject of the first post in the new DataTables blog:

Another major new feature is the ability to use complex headers (those with rowspan and colspan attributes on the cells) with dynamic column visibility. Previously only simple headers were supports with column visibility - now you can make your header and footer as complex as you like! There is also a performance option in this new release (bDeferRender) which will delay the creation of TR/TD nodes until they are needed when using an Ajax source - which can significantly boost performance of large tables.

There are a number of smaller new features and also a range of bug fixes. And all this for only 1.8KB more (when minified)!

While this release passes all the unit tests, please bare in mind that this is beta software - it is not suitable for production environments - just in case! Having said that, I would very much encourage everyone to download the new version and give it a go. Please open a new thread in the forum if you find any bugs - particularly upgrade bugs from 1.7.6.

Finally, if you are using DataTables and find it useful, please do consider making a donation. These donations allow me to continue developing and supporting DataTables: :-)



  • GregPGregP Posts: 487Questions: 8Answers: 0
    Looks great! I'll be testing immediately starting Monday. I will have to wait for the server-side dev team to update the returned object to use these new features, but with backwards compatibility in check there's no reason I can't start testing right away.
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    These are some great features - will give them a test drive when I need to perform a new release of my application.
    (1) Currently using 2D arrays to pass data from a parsed XML. Would be much easier if I could just manipulate the XML in memory and pass the object to DataTables instead of doing clunky arrays with a transpose stuck somewhere in the middle of my code.
    (2) Complex headers - awesome! Currently HTML encoding custom items into my tables such as using the italics html tag for sortable columns and applying the new tooltips available with the alpha/beta version of jquiry-ui. Would be nice if I didnt have to go the route of html encoding / decoding this data. Would appear that with the older version of DataTables, using the definition does not get parsed properly and the column text does not appear when the table is rendered.
  • allanallan Posts: 62,435Questions: 1Answers: 10,246 Site admin
    Thanks for the feedback polskikrol.

    1. DataTables doesn't have an abstract XML data reader built in, nor do I think I will likely include one. Using fnServerData it is possible to render any abstract data source into a 2D array, which can then be used by DataTables - however I think it would require a fair bit of work to allow consumption of any XML format.

    2. Assuming I understand correctly (you want to put HTML into an attribute so the tooltip can pick it up?) I don't see how you would be able to not HTML encode it?

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