Editor delete & edit conditions

Editor delete & edit conditions

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I believe it would be useful to easily allow both the remove & edit buttons to have conditions applied to their action on a per row or rows basis in a similar way to how validation currently occurs.

For example,

                    extend : "remove",
                    editor : editor,
                    buttonValidator( Validate::action(
                         ->validator( function ( $field, $val ) {
                            return strlen( $val ) > 50 ?
                            'Row Y cannot be removed when the value of column X is greater than 50' :

If any of the selected rows fails the validation then a notification is displayed to the user and the default action is suppressed.

I know this can be done now but it would be nice to have a more robust method of implementing this kind of validation.


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    This thread which covers a similar topic might be of interest to you.


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