Despite of Edition is off, the saving requests are still sent

Despite of Edition is off, the saving requests are still sent

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I have noticed the error in the Editor plug-in, it is about that, despite of the edition is being disabled, the saving requests are sent. It has took place after using the editor.disable() function, write requests are still sent to the backend but should not.
This effect can be seen by clicking on different fields of the table, it does not appear all the time, but quite often, a bit randomly.
I think that the problem is with the KeyTable extension, which I use in this configuration:

keys: {
          editOnFocus: true,
          editor:  editor

Here is example:

Thanks for any quick sugestion to fix it. Regards.

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  • allanallan Posts: 48,672Questions: 1Answers: 7,073 Site admin
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    The disable() method is used to disable individual fields rather than the form as a whole (although it can be used to disable user input for multiple or all fields).

    If you want to disable KeyTables' interaction with the table use the keys.disable() method.


  • Marek_OptimaMarek_Optima Posts: 32Questions: 7Answers: 0

    Thanks for the quick assist.

    For your kind information, I have used keys.disable() function, that has solved the problem. However, your tip is OK, but is not well known, so I would have considered to put info about this in the documentation in the same section where editor.disable() was described. As we konw now, the KeyTable plugin should be off to operate in this situation well. This may help others, too.


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