editor plug-ins select2 - separator and onFocus options not working

editor plug-ins select2 - separator and onFocus options not working

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Hi, the demo can be viewed at
and the used code is

            "label": "AREA*:",
            "name": "area",
            "type": "select2",
            "options": [
              "Nord Italia",
            "opts": {
              "multiple": true,
              "placeholder": "Seleziona un'area di competenza",
              "allowClear": true,
              "minimumResultsForSearch": "Infinity",
              "theme": "bootstrap"
            "onFocus": "open",
            "separator": ", "

The problems are:
1. When tabbing and the select2 get focus it does not open despite the onFocus option
2. Even if the separator option includes a white space, the final result in datatables is that the chosen options are only separated by the comma and the white space is ignored
Any suggestions?


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    1) This is an interesting one. If you use a synthetic focus event I believe it will work: editor.field('nazione').focus();. But using a manual focus (keyboard or mouse), the onFocus handler in Editor doesn't actually trigger.

    For the moment do something like:

    editor.field('nazione').inst().on("focus", function (e) {

    which I think should work around this.

    2) It looks like the data is being submitted to the server with the space:

    data[0][area]:Francia, Nord Italia

    Possibly something on the server-side is stripping it out? I'm getting an error on the page when it is loading data at the moment so I can't be sure.


  • carlopcarlop Posts: 37Questions: 9Answers: 1

    Hi Allan,
    concerning point 1) I solved with this code snippet taken from

    $(document).on('focus', '.select2.select2-container', function (e) {
      // only open on original attempt - close focus event should not fire open
      if (e.originalEvent && $(this).find(".select2-selection--single").length > 0) {

    It is valid for all the selects.
    Concerning point 2), we will see if we can prepare a demo that is fully accessible to the public.

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