Compound Keys

Compound Keys

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In Editor PHP documentation ->Getting started -> Basic Initialization -> Compound keys, you state that ' must submit the data...Editor cannot information that is generated by the database.'

Does this mean that if an auto-increment integer field is part of the compound key, things would fail (since the increment, hence new value, is being generated by the database?) I believe if a single key (say 'id') is used and this is auto-incremented by the database, Editor works just fine.

Please clarify.

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    This is unfortunately correct. The problem with reading the compound key information was that I couldn't find a cross database way to reliably get the latest values inserted by a compound key. With a single column primary key that isn't a problem - all databases provide a way to do that, but with a compound key its more difficult. I think it was Oracle that was giving me the biggest problems, but I can't really remember now! I do remember they were all a bit different!


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