Warning: Ajax error - What is causing it?

Warning: Ajax error - What is causing it?

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I am new to DataTables and my first impression of this software is very good.

I am currently in the process of testing it but unfortunately I have run into an AJAX error problem and I do not know where to start to find the cause of it.

Editor does not GET the data from the database, neither can I create a new row and POST it to the database. It cites an AJAX error but it is unclear to me what is going wrong.

You can find the testing site here:

The PHP version in use is 7.0.29.

MySQL version in use is 5.5.60-0.

Previously I received the following error concerning the staff.php file:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

So I changed the permissions of staff.php from 666 to 667. This got rid of the "Failed to load resource" error message but the AJAX error still remains.

The connection details to the database, which I added to the config.php file, are as listed in the control panel of the hosting service. I don't think that there is an error here.

Can anyone give me a hint on what is going wrong here?


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    When I click the "Basic initialisation" link I receive the following error:

    Error 500 - Internal server error
    Ein interner Fehler ist aufgetreten!
    Bitte versuchen Sie es zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt.

    This error is coming form your server. You will need to review the server logs to determine why this error is occurring. You won't be able to troubleshoot this from teh client side.


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    Confirming. Error console is returning a 500 Internal server error.

    GET http://preininger.apps-1and1.net/wp-content/Editor-PHP-1.7.3/examples/php/staff.php?_=1526486669880 500 (Internal Server Error)

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    Thank you for your replies.

    I know about the 500 Internal Server Error, I checked the browser console for that.

    But I have limited access to that development server. I will try again to find some logging information on the server.

    I hoped that someone could give me a hint as to what may cause such an error. What is usually the reason for this, or are the possibilities too many to guess?

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    Could be a lot of different things, the server error_log will contain the details. A 500 error is not unlike the idiot light on a car, it just indicates something is wrong without going into detail, the details lie "under the hood"..

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    I will try to find further information in the error logs if I can access them.

    Thanks anyway.

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    The first thing I would check for is a syntax error. Lint your server-side code if you can.

    But really it could be anything (permissions, memory, etc).


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