Sorting Icons not showing

Sorting Icons not showing

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I alredy worked with datatables with no problems, but then I downloaded the new version and put the <link> and <script> in their respective places. Everything works except that the header of the table does not show the sorting icons. I tried to use the web links to check if i missed something but it also not shows the icons:

style link:

script link:

I alredy have jquery installed BEFORE the datatables script

This is how it looks (with no sorting icons):

What I can do to fix this?


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    Have you tried getting rid of all of your custom CSS?

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    We'd really need a link to a test case showing the issue. Its possible that some other CSS is overriding the icons, or something else is going on - I don't know.

    This example uses the two files you linked to and it shows the sorting icons, so there is something else going on.


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