Writing DT Unit Tests

Writing DT Unit Tests

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Hi everyone, this is kind of a basic question, but I thought I would post it here in the event that it helps someone else. I'm curious to learn what frameworks the community uses for writing Unit Tests on DataTables, as well as any hints/tips/tricks that you use. We're looking at our code and planning to start writing tests for it and would love to know the various approaches taken.


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    Hi @rw152 ,

    For DataTables itself, we use Karma as a test runner within a Node.js environment. This allows us to run headless and headed, so perfect for development and test automation.

    But yep, good question, it'll be interesting to see what others use.



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    Cool, thanks @colin. We're using mocha + webpack. It's a bit tough to setup and I haven't 100% figured it out yet.

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