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@allan , the Editor example at is not behaving the way I am expecting it to.
Based on name and the section it is in, I am expecting to be able to click on a cell and have it go to inline edit mode.
I think expect to be able to hit the tab key and have it move to the next cell.

Currently, clicking on a cell does nothing.

Am I misinterpreting the example?



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    Hi Scott - you aren't missing anything. It does indeed appear to be broken at the moment! I'll look at it shortly and post back.


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    Slightly oddly, KeyTable is working with the exception of the editOnFocus option there. It just doesn't highlight the cell as I intentionally didn't include the CSS for KeyTable - it wasn't needed since the cell should immediately show as editable!

    I've committed a fix on a 2.4 branch of KeyTable which addresses this issue. v2.5 currently contains a change which is going to introduce a new double click to immediate edit, a bit like how it works in Excel.

    Thanks again for highlighting this.


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    @Allan, I took it and dropped it into my downloaded Editor example you created (.net version). It works great. Thank you.

    I need the very feature on pages that I am currently working on.

    Thank you!

    ps: Bindrid is my personal account. Bindrid2 is my company account associated with the Editor license.

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    The tab between columns example at is not entering inline edit mode and therefore not demonstrating any example for tab between columns. At present I am trying to make Tab between columns work and my example, using the latest auto-build download, also does not work.

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